No. 139WH - Rosette Cutter w/o Handle

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Cutter only, no welded handle.

CNC machined to Deliver sharp and precise cutting edges.

Variety of sizes. 

No. 139WH - Rosette Cutter w/o Handle 
Osborne No.Size No.Hole diameter (inches)Weight each (oz)UPC No.
139WH 111301391
139WH 1-1/41-1/41-1/4301393
139WH 1-1/21-1/21-1/2401395
139WH 1-3/41-3/41-3/4501399
139WH 222701397
139WH 2-1/42-1/42-1/4801401
139WH 2-1/22-1/22-1/2901403