No. 106 - Wing Divider

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The nuts on the wings are steel. Washers are of steel. The points are carefully hardened and every care is taken with the threads of the screws, which hold the legs in position on the wings. The springs are carefully tempered and are made for easy adjustment while holding the legs firmly. Made to U.S. Government Specifications. Forged steel. Fully polished. 

Replacement parts also available.

No. 106 - Wing Divider & Replacement Parts 
Osborne No.DescriptionMax. Opening (inches)Weight each (oz)UPC No.
106-66" Wing Divider6457012
106-88" Wing Divider8557014
106-1010" Wing Divider10757016
106-1212" Wing Divider12957018
106-BBar for 6" Wing Divider-107022
106-BLBar for 10" & 12" Wing Divider-107024
106-BMBar for 8" Wing Divider-107026
106-KNKnurled Nut-107028
106-SWing Screw-107030
106-SPSpring for Wing Divider-107032