Steel - Antique Finish Snaps Set

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Made of high quality steel with antique finish.

Set of 4 pcs. snaps (cap, socket, stud & eyelet).

Packed in 100 or 1,000 pcs. per box.

Available for line # 20 or line # 24.

These snaps are set using our Snaps Setting Dies Osborne No. 229, 230-SET  or  our Hand Press Machine Osborne No. W-1 or our Pneumatic Machine Osborne W-3, using the 4 pcs. snap die set.  

Steel - Antique Finish Snaps Set 
Osborne No.Size No.MaterialFinishPieces per boxWeight per box (lbs - oz)UPC No.
K3721-24-C20SteelAntique1000 - 714256
K3721-24-C20SteelAntique10004 - 814258
K4721-24-C24SteelAntique1000 - 914252
K4721-24-M24SteelAntique10004 - 1214254