No. 681 - French Natural Nail - Small

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Osborne quality steel nails with natural brass finish. Ideal for decorating wooden chests, early frontier items, etc. The French Natural style offers a clean, smooth, polished finish on the nail head. 

Packaged 1000 nails per box. Available in 2 nail lengths: 1/2" and 5/8".

Head diameter is approximately 3/8".


 Also available in POLY BAG, 100 nails per bag and 10 bags into a box, Osborne No. 681S and sold per box only.

No. French Natural Nail - Small 
Osborne No.Length of the Nail (inches)Diameter of the Head (inches)Weight per box (lbs)UPC No.
681 1/21/23/8214452
681 5/8 5/83/8214454
681S 1/21/23/8214457
681S 5/85/83/8214459