No. WDISP - Self Piercing Grommet Dies

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2 pcs. die set are made of high quality steel, CNC machined. Top setting die has a special future, it retains the grommet for easy set, it won't fall off at the moment when grommet is been set. Blued finish to prevent from corrosion.

These setting dies work with our grommet machines Osborne No. W-1 Hand Press or Osborne No. W-3 Pneumatic.  Used to set BRASS grommets only, not stainless.

Available for grommet sizes: 0, 1, 2 & 3. 

No. WDISP - Self Piercing Grommet Dies 
Osborne No.Size No.Weight per set (lbs)UPC No.
WDISP00 (1/4")1 - 275862
WDISP11 (5/16")1 - 1075863
WDISP22 (3/8")2 - 275864
WDISP33 (7/16")2 - 1275865