No. G3 - Brass Self Piercing Grommets & Washers

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Made of heavier gauge brass compared to traditional sheet metal grommets.

Pierce and set in a single action. No need to pre-punch the hole.4 sizes available.

These Grommets are set using our Press Machines Osborne No. W-1 or W-3 using their correspondent dies.

Packed and sold 500 pcs. per box. 

No. G3 - BRASS Self Piercing Grommets & Plain Washers 
Osborne No.Hole diameter (inches)Outside diameter (inches)Length under flange (in)Weight per box (lbs - oz)UPC No.
G3-01/4.55.1650 - 213064
G3-15/16.630.2000 - 513066
G3-23/8.750.3200 - 813068
G3-47/16.970.1850 - 1213070