No. G1 - Brass Grommet & Plain Washer

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Brass plain rim grommets and washers.

Packaged one gross per box.


For best results in setting No. G1 grommets and washers, use an Osborne No. 500 hole punch and an Osborne No. 216 setting die with corresponding sizes. Osborne grommet dies and grommet hole cutters are numbered to correspond with standard size grommets. Grommet dies and cutters should be used with a rawhide hammer or wooden mallet. We recommend the No. 395 hammer for this purpose and the No. 603 Cutting Pad.

These are also set using our Hand Press Machine Osborne No. W-1 or our Pneumatic Machine Osborne No. W-3 with the correspondent dies.

No. G1 - Brass Grommet & Plain Washer 
Osborne No.FinishHole diameter (inches)Outside diameter (inches)Length under flange (in)Weight per box (lbs - oz)UPC No.
G1-00Brass3/16.460.1350 - 213012
G1-0Brass1/4.546.1750 - 513014
G1-1Brass9/32.7.1850 -813016
G1-2Brass3/8.835.2150 - 1213018
G1-3Brass7/16.955.2951 - 213020
G1-4Brass1/21.062.3741 - 813022
G1-5Brass5/81.205.3301 - 1213024
G1-6Brass13/161.828.2324 - 813026